Thursday, May 29, 2008

Santos won against Lau Valley 2 -1

Two second half magnificient goals form Leslie Haikau and Mark Wate ensured Santos remain a strong contendor for one of the price positions in the league.

Haikau scored from 20 yards with a long strong pullet shot which left the Lau Valley defenders wondering whether it was a score. Referee was right on spot with a clear view pointing to the centre cirle (meaning it was a goal).

From a similar set piece later, Kuylard teamed up well with one touch football skills caughting the defenders off guard and Mark made no mistake in the finishing.

In the first half, Santos dominated the game, had many goal scoring chances but lacked the finishing conversions.

Our last catch up match will be against Eastern Knights (formerly Island brothers).

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Telekom National Club Championships are underway in Honiara with the winner earning the honor of representing the Solomon Islands in the 2008/2009 O-League.
Kossa and Makuru have both made encouraging starts and the competition looks very tough.
Below are match reviews from the first three days of action.
Day One – Saturday 24th May 2008
Match # 1 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 2.00 pmKossa vs Landowner (5-0)
The current Telekom NCC champion scored five unanswered goals against the newcomers Landowner FC of Malaita. James Naka, Joe Luwi, Reginald Davani and Paul Wale all scored to wrap up a deserved victory. All the goals came in the first half. In the second half, Landowner came back strong and were able to shut down Kossa from scoring further goals.
The match was Davani’s final for his Kossa club. He left for Australia on Sunday to ply his trade with another club in Melbourne.
Davani expressed his intentions to return to Kossa if they qualify for O’ League again more over,
Match # 2 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 4.00pm
Marist vs FK te Kokohale (1-1)
This was basically a repeat of their match in the same tournament in 2007. Again the Western Football Association Champion provided the spark through its striker Godwin Bebeu. He threatened early on before slotting home the first goal. Marist was fortunate to have scored the equalizer from the penalty spot, late in the second half to keep their hopes of qualifying alive.
Day Two – Monday 26th May 2008
Match # 3 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 10.00am
Banika Bulls vs Vatu FC (0-0)
Banika Bulls represents the Central Shields Football Association and Vatu FC – Guadalcanal Football Association. The Bulls settled in quickly when match kicked off and provided the early spark. Could have grabbed an early lead through their most experienced player Silas Diau but Vatu defenders stood firm and repelled all their raids. Vatu also had their chances in both halves but poor finishing had cost them a win. In the end both teams settled for a draw.
Match # 4 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 12.00noon
Koloale vs Fasi Roos (1-1)
As the champions of the DJ League Super 8 Challenge, Koloale was expected to have the upper hand in this match but it turned out, the little known Fasi Roos turned the heat on from the opening whistle. They invaded Koloale’s territory almost at will and made them look like beginners at times. It was evident from that match that Koloale simply ran out ideas and was fortunate to grab the equalizer injury time. Otherwise, it would have been a different story. Both teams had other chances which if scored would have separated them.
Match # 5 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 2.00pm
Makuru vs Lagoon Brothers (7-1)
As anticipated, Makuru settled down the quickest and got into the score sheet not long after the match kicked off. Batram Suri and Alick Maemae combined sweetly with support from their entire team to demolish Lagoon Brothers of Western Football Association. It was quite obvious the gap that exists between some provincial clubs and those of Honiara in terms of their standard and style of play. Despite of that, the bonus for the provincial sides was they get good exposure from this competition.
Match # 6 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 4.00pm
Uncles vs IC Rovers (4-1)
Uncles is another of the clubs representing the Honiara Football Association. A young side with a lot of young players, Uncles could only score four goals in that match. Three goals were scored by Ian Ngahugari who happens to come from Makira Province. The IC Rovers represents this province and Ian has always represented his province in previous national competitions. An intelligent player he had a brief stint in Fiji with Navua in 2007. He was a former national U17 player.
Day Three – Tuesday 27th May 2008
Match # 7 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 12.00noon IC Rovers vs FK te Kokohale (2-6)
Having played in the last match the day before, IC Rovers did not quite recover when they took the field for Day 3’s opening match against high flying FK te Kokohale of the Western Province which boasts the services of national striker Godwin Bebeu and National U23 striker Nathan Kera and former national U20 rep Lenson Bisili. By halftime, the scoreline was 3-2 in Kokohale’s favour. IC Rovers could not fight on and in the end conceded three further goals. The loss is a blow to their campaign – they stand a remote chance of qualifying in their group.
Match # 8 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 2.00pm
Koloale vs Vatu (4-0)
Koloale came into this match with one aim and that is to win after it drew 1-1 with Fasi Roos of Malaita on Monday. It was full strength side that played Vatu. They had more chances that they did not utilize. Lency Saeni scored three of their goals while Richard Anisua scored one to revive their hope of qualifying. Vatu fought bravely and had good scoring opportunities but their forward players could not put them away.
Match # 9 Played at Lawson Tama: Time: 4.00pm
Marist vs Kossa (0-5)
A sizeable crowd flocked to witness this final match at Lawson Tama. The clash of the two clubs has generated huge interests. Kossa lost twice when the two teams met in the DJ League – their most recent meeting was before Kossa traveled to Auckland for its away match with Waitakere FC. As anticipated, Kossa with the O’ League experience got into the scoresheet as early as the 7th minute through its nippy forward player Joe Luwi. He combined well with James Naka to demolish Marist. Luwi scored three of the five goals with Naka and Gideon the others. It was a sweet revenge for Kossa.

(Article taken from the OFC Website)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Santos - Eastern Knights Match Postponed

Santos FC and Eastern Knights FC players were ready to take on the field last Saturday afternoon the 24th day of May 2008 at 3.30pm at the KGVI School south field only to be told at the last minute that the match officials did not arrive for this match and so the match did not take as fixed.

This is not a good sign for the development of football in this country. The HFA Normalisation Committee must address any outstanding issues it has with the referees and match officials for its organized leagues to run smoothly. The clubs have paid their subscription and affiliation fees to the HFA for these matches to be played and completed and it is not fair on the clubs to see all their preparations for scheduled matches wasted unnecessarily at the last minute due to HFA's incompetence and incapability in running this league.

We're all just hoping that things will improve and become better in the new 2008 HFA League Season.

Santos FC's next match is scheduled for this coming Thursday 29th May 2008, 3.30pm at the KGVI School ground. The Santos boys has Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to prepare for this next match which will be against Lau Valley FC. The Santos- Eastern Knights FC match will now be played as a catch up match.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Koloale FC beat Uncles FC 2 – 1 in the Grand Final to win the Honiara Football Association DJ League Super 8 Challenge 2008 tournament.
Koloale went into the Super 8 top four as huge underdogs, managing only 1 win in its pool matches, but stood up to tournament favourites Uncles FC to win the final.
The match was marred by rough play but Koloale were able to rise abover it and walked away with the $10 000 top prize.
Richard Anisua opened the scoring for Koloale FC in the 36th minute before Judd Molea equalized in the last minute of injury time for Uncles.
The match went to extra time and looked destined for penalties before Lency Saeni popped up to score the winner after 118 minutes of play.

Match Summary:
Koloale FC Line-up
– Shadrack Ramoni (21) GK, Timothy Joe (6), Mahlon Houkarawa (17), Jeffrey Bule (3), Welchman Houkarawa (2), Henry Koto (18), Mostyn Beui (15), Augustine Anisi (7), Pressly Futa (9), Oscar Sara (12), Richard Anisua (5) Subs – Santos Soeasi (20), Cecil Buru (4), Steve Anisi (16), Thomas Taloga (8), Leonard Olea (19), Ian Paia (11), Lency Saeni (13)
Uncles FC Line-up - Paul Huia (21) GK, George Kwanae (17), Eddie Ngaitini (13), Hardis Aengari (16), Gibson Daudau (3), Milton Furai (2), Micheal Molea (9), Fulton Temoa (18), Ian Ngahu (12), Junior Billy (11), Judd Molea (10) Subs – Alfred Lofana (1) GK, Brian Feni (7), John Gilbert (19), Loea Aaron (4), Molis Gagame Jnr. (15), Kaliasi Feni (6), Francis Masibata (14)
Goals: Richard Anisua (Koloale FC) 36, Judd Molea (Uncles FC) 95 (stoppage-time), Lency Saeni (Koloale FC) 118
Cautions: Koloale FC - Welchman Houkarawa 45, Henry Koto 57, Thomas Taloga 83, Mahlon Houkarawa 98 (stoppage-time)
Uncles FC – Gibson Daudau 58, Thomas Taloga 83, Judd Molea 99 (stoppage-time), John Gilbert 101
Expulsions: George Kwanae (Uncles FC) 62, Milton Furai (Uncles FC) 117

See photos of the 2 Super 8 finalists namely: Koloale FC and Uncles FC posted below in the photos section (Photos taken from the OFC Website)

Losers Final
In the losers’ final Makuru FC beat a very young but tough Marist 6 – 3 win in what was arguably the most entertaining match of the tournament. Marist made a number of changes to its line-up and really boosted their game but their efforts could not surpass the skill and experience of the mighty Makuru FC.

Makuru midfielder and top scorer, Alick ‘Superfoot’ Maemae, registered 3 goals which extended his lead on top of the goal scorers tally to 9. Veteran ace, Batram Suri, added 2 goals to aggregate a handsome total of 6 goals.

Looks like Marist is a team to watch in the upcoming DJ League this year.

Match Summary:
Makuru FC Line-up
– Leon Lekezoto (20) GK, Berry Galokale (12), Nelson Sale (22), John Iani (4), Moffat Kilifa (5), Max Ruku (15), Derrick Taebo (21), Paul Kakai Jnr. (19), John Anita (17), Batram Suri (10), Alick Maemae (7) Subs – Felix Ray (1) GK, George Afia (14), Monystyn Sanga (9), Ezra Sale (11), Adika Maeta (3), Leslie Kakai (2), Ben Kunua (8), George Lui (13)
Marist FC Line-up – Phillip Samani (18) GK, Joseph Lani (7), Ronny Wale (3), Eddie Ligi (14), Phillip Misibini (13), Luke Taloi (8), Gibson Hosea (17), Sam Mara (12), Joachim Waroi (9), Aloysio Orosua (15) Subs – Lucian Sikwae (1) GK, Michael Misitana (10), Michael Patiti (16), Johan Doiwale (2), Sebastian Misiga (11), Martin Ruhasia (6), Alford Po’o (5)

Tournament Summary
Over-all Winners
1st – Koloale FC
2nd – Uncles FC
3rd – Makuru FC

Honiara Football Association will be represented by five (5) clubs in the upcoming Our Telekom National Club Championship. Makuru FC, Marist FC, Koloale FC and Uncles FC enter as the top 4 teams of the Super 8 and KOSSA FC was given direct entry by SIFF as the defending National Club Champion. The winner of the Our Telekom National Club Championship will represent Solomon Islands in the next Oceania Football Confederations Club Championship tournament.

Article taken from the OFC Website
DJ League Solomon Islands

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Santos FC 1 - Kolei United FC 2

Santos FC played one of its last remaining 3 matches in the 2007 HFA league yesterday (22/05/08) against Kolei United FC at the KGVI School north field. Santos FC lost 2-1 to Kolei United FC in a hard fought physical match. There was no excuse for Santos FC's loss as the Club was without its coach since the beginning of this year and also the boys have not been consisitently attending trainings and most lacked fitness. Although the Santos FC boys did have a few scoring chances and enjoyed a fair possession of the ball it was obvious that Kolei FC players were fit both physcially and mentally and deserved the win.

The Santos FC management however has encouraged the players to accept the 2-1 loss and concentrate and focus on the next match against Eastern Knights (Island Brothers) on this coming weekend being Saturday 24th May 2008 at 3.30pm. The Santos FC coach did turn towards the end of the match when the boys were already 2-1 down. The coach made the assurance to take the trainings for the boys and to prepare them for the 2 remaining matches and asked the players to turn up at the training ground this Friday afternoon being the 23rd May 2008 at 5.00pm. No photos were taken of the last match between Santos FC and Kolei FC - hopefully some photo shots will be taken in the next match with Eastern Knights.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waitakere FC -v- Kossa FC

Waitakere United FC comfortably beat Kossa FC by 5-0 in the second leg of the OFC Club Championship at the Trust Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday 11th May 2008. Waitakere FC won the series by a 5-3 aggregate over Kossa in the 2 home and away games to deservedly claim the OFC Club champions which now undisputedly gets them through to represent OFC in the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup Champioship in Tokyo, Japan later this year. A good fighting spirit by Kossa FC but more work is need in order to reach the next level - Kossa's home game victory of 3-1 against Waitakere FC at Honiara, Solomon Islands on Saturday 26th April 2006 is not even enough to get them through. Santos FC wishes which ever club that represents Oceania in the FIFA World Clubs Championship all the best and now it is Waitakere that will be carrying the flag of OFC in the next FIFA World Clubs Championship for the second time in a row. Some pictures of this Waitakere FC/Kossa FC match have been posted below.

Santos FC -v- Eastern Knights FC 2007 Division 1 Catch Up Match Postponed

The above scheduled match did not proceed on Saturday 10th May 2008 and was postponed until further notice by the HFA Administration. The match is likely to be on either on Tuesday or Thursday next week. The match should have been played at the KGVI School South field at 3.30pm but was postponed due to the presence of some tree logs and sticks on the western side of the south field sideline. The logs and tree braches are the remains of a tree which was cut down recently but the responsible authorities failed to clean them up from the sideline of the said field. The management of both Santos FC and Eastern Knights FC agreed for a friendly match instead which was played on the same day being Saturday 10th May 2008. Both teams used the friendly as part of their training and warm-up match before the real match game. Santos FC won the friendly by 2-1. Two pictures of this friendly have been saved below in the photos section.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

John Keni

Guys, since I left SIEA I lost contact with Santos and the webpage due to work committment and internet unreliability at my new place of work.

But I am still committed to Santos FC.

JK (9/05/008).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Santos FC Resumes Training

The Santos FC boys resumed training yesterday on Monday 5th May 2008. This followed an announcement or notice made in the media last week by the Club Management for all the players to resume training now that the HFA Normalization Committee had confirmed to all the participating Division 1 & 2 Clubs that the old 2007 league will be completed and the remaining matches or catch up matches will be played commencing on Tuesday 29th April 2008. A few games had already been played at the KGVI School north and south fields on last Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Santos FC still has 3 catch up matches remaining in the old 2007 league against the following clubs namely: Lau Valley FC, Kolei FC and Island Brothers FC (now Eastern Knights) . It is very likely that Santos FC first catch up match will be played on this coming weekend Saturday 1oth may 2008. A few boys turned up for training yesterday and it is expected more players will turn up today afternoon.

Kossa FC -v- Waitakere United FC (1st Leg of the O-League Home & Away Finals

Some pictures of the Kossa FC -v- Waitakere United FC O-League Finals (1st home and away match) have been posted in this webpage. The match was played at the Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara, Solomon Islands on Saturday 26th April 2008. Kossa FC (Solomon Islands' champion club) surpisingly won the match by 3-1 in front of a home crowd of about 20,000 people. It was a spectacular match played on a very hot day. It was the first best ever performance and achivement so far by any Solomon Islands football club at this O-league level. Kossa FC leaves for New Zealand on 6th May 2008 to play the final away final game with Waitakere United at the Trusts Stadium in Auckland on Sunday 11th May 2008. Santos FC wishes both clubs all the best in this final match and may the best team represent OFC in the FIFA World Club in Tokyo, Japan later this year. The pictures were taken from OFC website.